Company profile

Our company works with a good mix of traditional values, such as stability and reliability, as well as innovative ideas which help us to develop our position in the market over the long run.

Merkle Welding Technology in Munich builds on 30 years of experience and tradition - a good occasion to glance at the history of the business.

Founded as a sales office of the producer Merkle Welding Installations Technology GmbH in Kötz, we started off with a philosophy: serve the customer. Demand for our products grew, and quickly revealed that for a specialist, wholesale or retail dealer a comprehensive assortment of products and accessories is needed. In the beginning, Munich was our headquarters from which we serviced the whole region of Upper and Lower Bavaria. In 1985 and 1989, we established branch offices in Landshut and Rosenheim to allow us to be closer to the customer. In 1995, the head office was relocated from Munich-Pasing to Munich-Neuaubing. Consistent growth, paired with the strategic vision to conquer new markets, encouraged us to become active in Central and Eastern Europe, which we entered with success! In 2004, our expansion began and we opened up Merkle Welding Technology GmbH in Tábor, Czech Republic. Additionally, we have developed a network of contractual partners in several countries in East Europe.


For nearly 30 years, Siegfried Awissus has been head of the company - always with the philosophy in mind to choose steps and business strategies that will guarantee a good and stable economic base for the long-term. Many customers and prospective clients are worried about the future when choosing a partner, especially if it is a matter of a family business. Having shown you the past development and future plans of our company, we hope you will take comfort in choosing us as a partner. We are a team with clear conceptions and doable goals and the succession plan is safe as well - now and in the future!

To a successful future together.



Our philosophy of quality is based on over 44 years of experience in welding technology. A modern quality system ensures high availability of all machines, accessories and spare parts. Merkle machines are used worldwide, even under the harshest conditions. Working with us, you will experience our values - quality, innovation, reliability – as well as our highly cooperative and fair approach.